HD 10 RM1380
HD 10 RM1380 Deepavali 2020 Johor Bahru JB Malaysia, Johor Bahru (JB) Hampers | Soon Kee Hampers
No Description Unit
1 Martell Extra Old Cognac 70clx1
2 Johnnie Walker Black Label whisky Limited 70clx1
  Edition Design with Carafe  
3 Regalo Musang King durian Chocolate 165gmx1
4 B.nest w.American ginseng.w fungus&rock sugar 70mlx6
5  Essence Of Chicken 70mlx6
6 Ferrero Rocher T24x1
7 Regalo London  Almond Chocolate  400gmx1
8 Umi Muruku Tradisi  130gmx1
9 Izzi Tropical Fruit Chocolate 100gm1
10 Hosen Lychees In Syrup 565gmx1
11 Hosen Longans In Syrup 565hmx1
12 Elegant packaging & decoratives 1setx1
13 Free greeting card 1pcsx1

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